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Your sustainable year


Climate change, species extinction or environmental pollution. Subjects we all know. But also topics that we can all do something about. But where do you start? “Your sustainable year” is a weekly planner for the whole year that can do more than a calendar, than just offer space for notes. He will help you to support yourself in your sustainable life by becoming more mindful and learning new habits.

52 challenges accompany you through the year and lead you step by step into a sustainable everyday life. In the end, not only our planet benefits from this, but you too. Every little change makes a difference and you are now part of it.

About the vendor:



Designer by day, illustrator by night. I have a big passion for minimalistic vector illustrations that I love to create in my free time. To show this work to the world I started an Instagram account called „My Vector Playground“ where I often turn parts of the real world into little digital scenes.

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