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Fine art A3 print of the Rabbel Manifesto, hand-lettered by the talented young artist Tully Comfort (13 y.o.), to beautifully adorn your walls as a reminder of your limitless potential!

Due to COVID-19 mailing restrictions, this item is currently unavailable for US customers.

About the vendor:

Rabbel Magazine

Rabbel Magazine was founded by Julie Comfort and her daughter Tully in 2017. Julie created Rabbel for preteen girls, both out of nostalgia for the magazines she read as a kid, but also to build something inspiring for her daughter’s generation. In 2020, Estrella Bonilla became owner and editor of Rabbel and she strives to continue its mission to create balance in the imagery and language girls are feeding their dreams with and to offer new perspectives on the international standards of beauty, value and importance. Rabbel shares stories of fierce-hearted women and girls reclaiming girlhood by diversifying image-centric narratives to include stories of creative confidence.

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